My son and I are doing a little reading thing this summer where before one of us starts a new book, we check the other's list for a book not yet read. (I read faster, so I'm going to give him a pass on some of the other things I'll be reading.) Just keeping track of things here so he has a webpage to go to to see what's next. "Fin. X" means date finished by particular reader, "TBR" means "To Be Read", whether already begun or not.
Dad's listFin. DadFin. LucLuc's listFin. LucFin. Dad
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy06/0906/19 The Client06/1506/17
R is for Rocket and The Golden Apples of the Sun06/1906/28 Playing for Pizza6/3007/02
And Then There Were None06/3007/02 The Firm07/0707/14
Foundation trilogy07/0609/17 Endurance08/1909/10
'Salem's Lot07/2710/01 The ShiningReading