The old blog lives

FYI, you can find the old blog from a link to the right — I had to go and write a python script to update all the links. Not going to worry if anything doesn’t work quite right (for some reason, the pictures are wrong, not sure why, oh well), certainly new comments won’t work because the back-end is gone. But the old comments are preserved, too, and all the links should work. Let me know if anything is egregiously wrong, thanks.

Here goes… something else

In 2005 I started blogging, and in 2017 my approach to managing my blogging software¹ finally showed its flaws. So here’s a first post to do things like testing of this new platform (finally on WordPress because it’s well-supported by my hosting company).

At some point, I’ll put a link to the old blog here, I guess that’ll probably show up in the sidebar. Thanks for bearing with me.


¹Tried and true method: ignore it until it breaks.